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At Rainware we use our 26 years of plumbing industry experience to provide customised shower solutions for our customers. We take great care in matching the perfect product for the specific requirement. Customisation is our speciality, so we make ourselves available to discuss the customers’ needs prior to them making a purchase through the retail stores.

  • We use 3D Solidworks a (CAD) design program for our product customisation and modification service, helping solve issues, which come up because of the location of the water inlets and brackets, and size and shape of baseplates matching our product.
  • We have our own CNC vertical mill with 8 x production capacity
  • We have multiple- product water testing facility to 2000kpa
  • We strive for continual improvement using lean manufacturing and benchmarking principles
  • We are service focused giving added peace of mind, ensuring a quick lead-time for on-time National & International distribution, with exceptional and proven after-sales service.
  • At Rainware we place an emphasis on high quality materials and workmanship, which ensures we can deliver our market leading warranties, both in Commercial & Domestic markets.
  • We have an integrated team philosophy and communication process across all areas of the business
  • We work to strict Quality Assurance standards, and we have policies and procedures in place which are enabling us to transition to ISO9001 compliance

Note: We have provided custom outdoor showers to the Australian Defence Force between 2012 – 13 and so we are 100% sure of our compliance, durability and quality.

  • Environmental Facts
    Rainware works closely with Council to provide a stainless steel sign for our customers to encourage them not to use soaps and detergents when rinsing off under their outdoor shower
  • Our products are WELS 3star rated, water efficient at 6LPM and 9LPM
  • All our production machinery, including our CNC milling machine runs on ECOCOOL 700 NBF nitrate and phenol free coolant, which is constantly recirculated and recycled between machinery.
  • Our water – testing facility is a re-circulatory system (recycles and re-uses water from a storage tank)
  • Recycle all metal off-cuts and mill swarf from production processes
  • We value our own health and our waterways by using the safest cleaning products in the world according to the cancer coalition
  • We re-use wherever possible clean, Australian made, bio-degradable wheat by-product packaging fill.
  • We also use foam off-cuts in our internal packaging, sourced from other companies as waste products
  • Our standard packaging consists of bio-degradable cardboard boxes and labels are printed in small batches when needed
  • Our admin focus is to use email and scanning systems wherever possible, for a paperless office
  • We wash our cars on the lawn
  • Any water used from the hose runs off into the garden

Health & Safety Facts

  • Our Rainware Factory is set out to enable greater operational efficiencies combined with sensible and safe work-zones
  • Our machinery is grouped into work-zones, which are kept tidy to promote efficiency and prevent trips/ hazards
  • Our machinery is kept in good, workable condition
  • We have clearly identified safety zones and walkways
  • Material safety data sheets are kept in clear view at each location
  • Personal, protective equipment and clothing supplied to all staff
  • Safety equipment signs are clearly visible
  • Emergency Exits are clearly marked
  • Electrical equipment tested and tagged
  • All gasses are stored in accordance with their safety data sheets
  • The First aid kit is regularly inspected and replenished in accordance with Government requirements by a 3rd party

If you would to view our Commercial range click here, and if you would like any further details about our best practice processes, and us as a Company please contact us