Wchild arguing with her dogell, as season’s come and go we kind of get used to the month matching the weather. You know, everyone enjoys the Christmas holidays at the beach or around the pool and although there may be the occasional rainy day, for the most part we can enjoy the holidays in our own back yards.

But the seasons are changing and it’s been warmer than usual. I can’t believe we are still comfortably swimming in late Autumn, which is great because it means we can get more use from our gardens and pools. Surely it has to be the most amazing start to May in recent memory!

So too, the beach has been incredible for us this year. Both the kids and the dogs are enjoying getting out there and coming back covered in sand. My kids and I have also enjoyed walking to the park after school with the dog and playing in mud puddles, although we come back pretty messy. But… that is the advantage of our outdoor shower. We go out to the beach or park, get messy, and before we even get back in the house I can have the kids washed and cleaned. And although we love the outdoors, we like it better when it stays out there!

I used to think it was a luxury, but now seeing the amount of times we shower outdoors, I am convinced it’s a necessity! The mess stays outside and the house stays clean – it’s a “win win”. Not to mention the hours of work saved. Keeping the sand, mud and grass outside keeps mum happy inside J I can’t image life without it.

I am glad we made the simple decision to bring an affordable outdoor shower into our back yard to improve our lifestyle. Sure, we can do the resorts and camping at exotic places, but for our family, home is where the heart is. These days we create a resort style lifestyle at home without breaking the budget.

Thank you Rainware Outdoor Showers because now our family really does enjoy what you call “Resort Style Living” in our own backyard.

Satisfied Customer – Mooloolaba