Uniquely, Rainware offers exclusive Outdoor Warranties on all products, featuring an Unlimited Lifetime warranty on our Rainware signature shower rose and a 10 year outdoor warranty on the majority of product lines throughout the range. Each Rainware shower is designed and hand crafted by us, from high quality certified materials and all product ranges proudly carry the Australian Made logo.
We stand by our products so you know when you invest in a Rainware shower you can be guaranteed some of those parts might outlive even us.
Now that’s a legacy to leave!

We also comply with the Government Water Efficiently Labeling and Standards (WELS) and hold the highest 3 star rating for water efficiency. All Rainware products comply with this rating.
We also offer a replacement parts service, as every shower has working parts that wear. For example, washers may require replacement from time to time, depending on usage.

To ensure that your Rainware shower is always in tiptop condition, we will replace your wear parts for a small parts and postage fee. This ensures that you always get the right parts and your shower will last a lifetime.

Please see the relevant guarantees on each product page.

Download our Warranty Guide here

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Australian MadeWe are proud to be a member of the Australian Made campaign

9 water ratingAll our products comply with WELS 3 star rating. All our domestic showers provide 9 litres per minute and our commercial provides 6 litres per minute.

RW-warranty-logo-LT1Rainware Signature
Shower Rose

RW-warranty-logo-10yOn all stainless steel shower tubes, tapware and hoses

RW-warranty-logo-5yAussie powder-coated
aluminium posts

RW-warranty-logo-2yChrome brass rose,
tapware and hosecock, Time flow valves
(commercial only)