Sand, Mud, Water, Mess….

Lets get rid of it from inside your house…

kids playing by Rainware Outdoor ShowerThe kids are playing outside in the pool, its been a beautiful warm sunny Aussie day and they are ready to come inside for a snack, so what do the little cherubs do? They run inside the house ‘soaking wet’ and make a huge mess on the floor on the way to the bathroom – right?!!!!

Well this doesn’t have to be the way, we have a vast range of outdoor shower solutions to suit every budget so you too can live like you are on holiday all the time.

By installing an outdoor shower you are keeping the mess outside, you are keeping the chlorine off of your “good towels” and minimising the amount of time you have to spend cleaning the bathroom after the “kid storm” has hit…

Installing a Rainware shower is really easy, its just works with your current outdoor plumbing, it can be hold and cold and it is a water saving device so you end up using less water so you save money as well.

We have all sorts of designs including our ever popular free standing NOOSA range which really does make you feel like you live on a resort.

So avoid the mess and invest in an Aussie Made Rainware Outdoor Shower…

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