Wet Footprints driving you mad

Are wet and dirty footprints driving you mad? Install a Rainware Outdoor Shower and leave the mess outside…

Are you are considering whether or not to install an outdoor shower? There are many benefits and advantages of an outdoor shower. One of the main benefits is cleanliness. The cleanliness of getting a shower of course, however, by having your family and friends shower outdoors you are keeping your indoor space clean too.

For example, when the kids have been playing outside all day and are covered from head to toe in dirt, you probably don’t want them leaving a trail of mud between the backdoor and the bathroom?

An outdoor shower is so convenient because it will prevent dirt from being trailed into your home. Whether you have a swimming pool or regularly undertake gardening work, a shower that is located outside the house is perfect. This will enable you to wash without having to track any debris into the home on your way to the bathroom inside the house. It will also negate the inconvenience (or embarrassment 😉 of having to remove dirty items of clothing before entering the house. If you host pool parties, an outdoor shower is also the perfect way to give your guests the opportunity to clean up without having to traipse through your house to do so. It is the perfect solution to keeping your house clean!

And what about our furry friends? Dog owners and other large pet owners may find an outdoor shower a welcome addition to the home. Bathing an animal outdoors is easy with an enclosure large enough for both the pet and the owner. The dog can shake to its hearts content and not spray water all over your bathroom.

An outdoor shower can also be used as an alternative to a hose or outside tap when water is needed for activities, such as watering plants, filling a bucket to wash a car or filling the kid’s water toys. Imagine not having those drips of water running through your house from the bathroom or kitchen taps to the back door!

The outdoor shower can also be used for rinsing items that are used outside and need to be cleaned. Gardening tools and pool cleaning tools will often need to be rinsed before they are put away and the shower can be used for exactly this purpose. And not only does this once again avoid dirt being taken in to your home, the shower will often allow you to do the same job that a hose would do, but by using less water.

And whilst your house is being kept beautiful and clean the outdoor shower is providing convenience and relaxation for you. There are few things more pleasurable, rejuvenating and fun than showering outside in nature. Outdoor showers are not just for your beach house. Whether you have been working hard in the garden on a hot day, or have returned home after a long day at work, an outdoor shower is a perfect way to unwind.